2019 Cooperative Month Celebration: A Colorful and a Meaningful one

“The more complex the world becomes, the more difficult it is to complete something without the cooperation of others.”
(Alexander Fleming)

Gov. Edgardo A. Tallado awards the certificate to the crowned Mutya ng Kooperatiba, Ms. Amirah Sofia Compuesto of Jose Panganiban together with the PCDC members and the Guest Speaker Atty. Mickel M. Borigas (first from the right)

      This saying depicts the outcome of the 2019 Cooperative Month Celebration where the cooperation of the cooperative movement and their collaboration with partner agencies resulted into a more colorful and meaningful celebration.

      Earlier this year, the Provincial Cooperative Development Council decided to conduct additional activities aside from the usual activities funded by the Provincial Government. Henry A. Orbita, DVM., Chairperson of the council in a meeting with the council members agreed to a consensus to have additional activities to add more color to the celebration and camaraderie among its members. Colored Fun Walk, Laro ng Lahi, Sportsfest, Search for Mutya ng Kooperatiba and Coop Trade Fair were conducted in addition to the usual activities (Literary  Contests,  Padunungan  and  PCDC  Search  for  Outstanding

Cooperatives, MCDC and MCO).

          To realize the new ideas, the council created Ways & Means Committee to solicit funds for the prizes and other expenses to be incurred. Sister Cooperatives of the province as well as agencies and business enterprises did not hesitate to give a share for the activities, its impact to the cooperative members was so immense that they would like to conduct similar activities yearly.

        During the Culminating and Awarding Ceremonies of the Cooperative Month Celebration, the cooperative movement showed their solidarity. One thousand two hundred (1,240) participants participated in the parade and awarding program. The largest cooperative in the province, Basud Development Cooperative (BADEVCO) was the biggest delegation during the culminating activity.

The participants wearing their color-coded shirt during Coop Month Culminating & Awarding Ceremony

            It was graced by the presence of Atty. Mickel M. Borigas, Vice Chairman of Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDCI) and Metro South Coop Bank. Surely in the years to come, a more colorful, joyful and meaningful cooperative month celebration will be celebrated as the cooperatives in the province grow fast in number.

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