CamNorteño won Outstanding Seed Innovator 2018

Another pride of Camarines Norte rose, in the name of Mr. Gil Del Barrio, a resident of Brgy. Lag-on, Daet, Camarines Norte.

Mr. Del Barrio, a 53 year-old farmer-scientist, innovator, seed grower, rice mechanization advocate, and entrepreneur, won the DA-BPI’s Search for Outstanding Seed Innovator. The awarding took place on March 28, 2019 at BPI Compound, Malate, Manila.

As a farmer scientist, he eagerly searches for new technologies by attending trainings and browsing the internet. He embraces the digital agriculture through the use of different mobile applications like AgriDOC, MOET, Binhing Palay, and e-Damuhan. Also, he is using the Field Area Measurement app which features geotagged locations of rice farmers especially his clients in rice mechanization. His usage of the latter application greatly helped him in obtaining a machinery loan from a lending agency.

With his earnings from rice seed production he was able to purchase palay threshers, hand tractors, four (4)-wheel drive tractor, rice transplanter and a combine harvester. He is also a good borrower which made him acquire 4 units of combine harvesters through loans from AIMS AgriVenture, Metrobank, Kubota and ACEF financing through Landbank.

He provides the services of these machineries to other farmers at a minimal rental fee. One innovation which benefited him is the construction of improvised dryer which he can utilize during rainy season. He has also installed a lifter at the back of his 4-wheel drive tractor instead of rotavator for hauling and transport of harvested palay.

As a successful farmer and entrepreneur, he was able to buy L200 and L2006 Mitsubishi Pick Up, motorcycle and tricycle. He was able to sent his children to prestigious schools.

Truly, with these accomplishments, Mr. Gil Del Barrio deserves to be hailed as Outstanding Seed Innovator and serve as a seed of hope that a farmer can really be a successful entrepreneur.

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