OPAg-CamNorte Team Building: An opportunity to work together as a team and a family

Palms Farm Resort, Brgy. Cayucyucan, Mercedes, Camarines Norte – became a venue for the conduct of the yearly Team Building Activity of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPAG) held last May 4, 2019. More than eighty- (80) employees of OPAG attended the said event.

He mentioned that by participating in every game, everyone develops camaraderie, gets everyone working together and having fun. “Dragon Boat Racing is a good example of how a team works together until they reaches the finish line,” he said. “We must relate this kind of game to our lives especially in our workplace, because it is not about working individually but working as a team. ”It’s all about collaboration, timing, effort and putting the team before yourself,” he added. 

Part of the activity is the awarding ceremony Mr. Cesar R Mirana received a certificate of commendation for being an awardee during the 2017 Rice Achievers – AEW Category held at Philippine International Convention Center at Pasay City and Ms. Melinda L. Jerez as national finalist during the PCAF Search for Outstanding PAFC Coordinator held at Cagayan De Oro City. The following personnel were also awarded as follows for being a model employee:

Raphy B. Belardo
Susana R. Cereno
William A. Gerio
Irene J. Olivar
Maria Victoria M. Lamadrid
Cesar R. Mirana
Glenda M. Magana

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