Technical Briefing on Hybrid, Inbred Model Farm and High-yielding Technology Adaptation (HYTA) Program (District 1-June 10, 2019 and District 2-June 11, 2019)

In order to showcase the relative yield advantage of using hybrid and inbred certified seeds, the program of hybrid and inbred model farm has been developed. It is a national rice program which aims to help farmers on their production expenses at the same time to showcase the advantage of using high quality seeds.

The Province of Camarines Norte is a recipient of this program and prior to its implementation, a technical briefing to farmer recipient is a requirement. The technical briefing on the program was conducted in two (2) days. The first day was being attended by farmers coming from District 1 municipalities and the second day was attended by second district municipalities. The program general implementation guidelines covers implementation starting wet season of 2018 and shall continue until the dry season of 2022. this activity was attended by more than 200 farmers coming from 12 municipalities of the province.

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